Gang Aft A-gley – Short Story

Awesome story Paul! The sad part is, I wouldn’t put it past some of our “scientific” minds – spurred on by greed, to actually consider attempting something like this, given half a chance..

Paul Blake - Creative Writing, Short Stories, Poems

My latest short story. I hope you all enjoy. I think this may be my best one yet.

As ever you can download a PDF if you find it easier – Gang Aft A-gley – Paul Blake

Gang Aft A-gley

The meteoroid streaked across the across the twilight sky, a dark smoky trail following, stretching across the horizon, breaking up the orange, red, blue and purple shades of the setting sun. Vehicles stopped, and people left their cars to watch it as it passed, they would be talking about this to their partner and children when they got home, and it would be the hottest topic on the nightly news shows and be on the front page of all the newspapers in the morning. It was already the trending subject on Facebook, and #asteroid had rocketed its way to the most used hashtag on Twitter for the year so far…

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